A gauge-invariant reversible cellular automaton
Pablo Arrighi  1  
1 : Aix Marseille Université  (AMU)
Aix-Marseille Université - AMU

By Pablo Arrighi, Giuseppe Di Molfetta, Nathanaël Eon
Gauge-invariance is a fundamental concept in physics---known to provide the mathematical justification for all four fundamental forces. In this paper, we provide discrete counterparts to the main gauge theoretical concepts, directly in terms of Cellular Automata. More precisely, we describe a step-by-step gauging procedure to enforce local symmetries upon a given Cellular Automaton. We apply it to a simple Reversible Cellular Automaton for concreteness. From a Computer Science perspective, discretized gauge theories may be applied to numerical analysis, quantum simulation, fault-tolerant (quantum) computation. From a mathematical perspective, discreteness provides a simple yet rigorous route straight to the core concepts.

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